Happy ‘Tails’ of Pets You Have Helped

While many charitable organizations provide care for wildlife, strays, abused animals, or relinquished and abandoned pets, few exist for the large number of pets whose loving and responsible families cannot afford the cost of life-saving care. Your gift to Frankie’s Friends assists families who demonstrate substantial financial need and whose pets, with treatment, have a good prognosis for long-term recovery to a normal quality of life.

Learn more about our Eddie Croman Fund,  Hope Fund and Zeus Varis Fund.

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Families that have received grants from Frankie’s Friends have given us permission to share these stories with you. Thanks for giving these families more good time with their furry family members.


Pumpernickel, A Special Kitty and Hugs to All…

Dear Frankies Friends, Pumpernickel is a special kitty and I could not live without her.  She is one of my babies.  In the last year I had exhausted all my funds in search of what was wrong with her health.  Your help made it possible for Dr. Goodman (who is awesome) to do the necessary tests for her health.   I would thank you from the bottom of my heart, but for you my heart has no bottom.   Lots of hugs to all.

Hope is Blooming for Albie Thanks to the Eddie Croman Fund

After what has been a very trying and emotional year personally for me, a week before Christmas I was finally ready to welcome a new special furry friend into my life. After meeting a few great dogs at some of the shelters, when I met this beautiful but skinny dog, with his sad hound eyes and grey whiskers on his face, I knew we both needed some love in our lives. Albie has been the best dog, easily trained, fattened up easily ;-), so happy to meet other dogs, and [...]

Caring for Sasha

We can’t thank you enough for the kind gesture you have given to us.  When we took Sasha in to be seen we had no idea that within a few hours she would be going into emergency eye surgery for two large corneal defects.  The last few days have been such a whirlwind and having Frankie’s Friends and the Hope Fund definitely made it a little easier to handle. I broke down into tears when Sasha’s doctor offered the Hope Fund to us.  It’s nice to know that people we [...]

Suki the Beloved

My kitten “Suki” was rescued from a hotel where the mother cat was hit by a car when she was 6 weeks old. I named her Suki (Sookie) because it means “beloved” in Japanese. There were 5 or 6 abandoned kitties but I chose her because she was the most affectionate. At 4 months old she played with (and chewed on) a piece of a philodendron that was on a window sill and became ill. I took her to my Vet and learned that her kidneys were failing. They kept [...]

Dear Sweet Lucy is Recovering Beautifully!

To the ridiculously generous benefactors at Frankie’s Friends, This past Monday we were able to take our dear sweet boy Lucy (yes Lucy the boy cat, long story. Haha) home alive and well thanks to Frankie’s Friends. Your organization contributed over $2000 to cover his hospital stay, without this assistance we may have been faced with an unthinkable decision. The past few months have been very difficult for us. Lucy has required so much unexpected medical attention due to his advanced heart disease. This has completely exhausted our funds and [...]

Dear Emma Helped by the Eddie Croman Fund

  Thank you, Frankie’s Friends and especially the Eddie Croman Fund, for being there for me and my Emma. She is much better now; breathing and moving around more easily once more. Emma was rescued in the Bronx back in 2008. She is very sweet and has a charm all her own. I am very thankful for your help in determining what ailed my dear Emma.

Stella – a Happy Healthy Dog

Dear Frankie’s Friends: It has occurred to me that if Frankie’s Friends had waited to respond to my need for assistance, my dog Stella would not still be with me. After spending thousands of dollars of my own money on Stella’s medical care, I came to the realization that I was financially unable to continue with her surgeries & cancer and had begun to consider that after all that we had been through she may end up needing to be euthanized after all. I felt very ashamed that I was [...]

Ginger – A Super Hero with Help From the Zeus Varis Fund

Dear Zeus Varis Fund: Our Yorkie Ginger has been more than just a friend or a dog over the years.  She is a part of our family.  A lot of people say things like that about their pet, but to us Ginger is different.  In some ways she’s a dog like any dog; she gets excited for treats, she barks at strangers, she poops on the floor when her tummy is upset.  But she also wakes us up in the night just to lick our faces.  She does dances when she’s happy.  She farts herself [...]

Noel Just Needed a Chance…

I am so so grateful for all you have done for us.  The start of the unfortunate journey was going back and forth between two vets for the first two days and one of the vets told me I should put her down because she would never walk again and won’t eat. The over night vet suggested I go to BluePearl because of the quality of care there.  I almost put her down twice but each time she rebounded before we did.  That’s when it was suggested to go there. [...]

Daisy – Thank You from the Bottom of our Hearts

We wanted to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your incredible gift of saving our little Daisy’s life. We rescued Daisy, as a puppy from a puppy mill bust and she has been a little ray of sunshine in our lives ever since. When we realized she had ingested a piece of her toy and would need a very expensive surgery to save her life, we were heartbroken, scared, and financially unable to pay for the entire surgery. I was devastated! She is only 2 years [...]

Chicho is Feeling So Much Better!

I had just been laid off when Chicho was diagnosed with lymphoma. He was lethargic, almost not eating, limping and complaining of pain. We were devastated and worried because of the costs of the treatment and we could not afford it. Chicho is our companion and shines so much light in our home, he picks us up when we are down and shares every minute of joy. We were not ready to just let him go without a fair fight, but how would we pay for the treatment? Frankie’s Friends [...]

Sweet Lola

Lola is a three year old English Bulldog. One day a few weeks ago we Lola was very weak and sick. We let her rest for a few days until we noticed that she wasn’t getting any better. The next day we took her to the doctor and she was diagnosed with a double ear infection along with a bladder infection. She was sent home with a few antibiotics and we started treating her at home. Days passed and every time we would nourish Lola with the antibiotics that she [...]

Skky has a Fighting Chance

Dear Frankie’s Friends, How can I begin to tell you guys at Frankies Friends how grateful I am to you for giving my Skky a fighting chance against the biggest battle of all, Cancer. Skky was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer on January 11, 2014. When I heard that I got so sick inside, being disabled I couldn’t imagine what I was going to do. That has to be the most ugly feeling I ever had. Knowing there might be help to extend Skky’s quality of life and I couldn’t help [...]

Brody is an Absolute Joy!

I can’t thank Frankie’s Friends enough! Our dog Brody was diagnosed with Canine Immune Mediated Thrombocytopenia or ITP. In cases of ITP, the immune system attacks platelets – the cells responsible for clotting the blood. When platelet levels are low, like Brody’s were, clotting is slowed and spontaneous bleeding occurs. Brody spent two days at Blue Pearl with Dr. M. Reems and staff where his condition was determined. He had to have a blood transfusion the first night because he was very critically anemic. Without the financial help of Frankie’s [...]

Axel is a Blessing…

We want to thank Frankie’s Friends for being our friend. Without them our baby Axel would probably not be here today. Axel is our 2 & 1/2 year old Rottie boxer mix. He has been a blessing since we adopted him. We adopted Axel after loosing our 17 month old German Shepard. We were divested, and Axel was a breath of fresh air. He is a fun loving big teddy bear dog, and we are thankful for every day he is in our lives. It broke our hearts when Axel [...]

Ivan, a Sweet, Constant Companion

Dear Zeus Varis Fund Trustees, Frankie’s Friends, and BluePearl Brooklyn: Thank you more than I can say for making it possible for me to continue giving my cat Ivan the treatment that has been enabling him to thrive this past year against the odds. At twelve years old, Ivan had been successfully cured of a thyroid condition the year before.  He was doing great, except that his meow had become strangely quiet.  After his primary vet ruled out a number of possibilities, Ivan and I first went to Blue Pearl, [...]

Timmy is Healthy and Happy Again!

Timmy’s Story It is important to tell a little about Timmy’s family to understand his story. Timmy’s Dad has a blood disorder, at first the Doctors told him he had an early stage leukemia, recently they have told him that his blood work looks better, he may never develop that horrid disease. His Dad is still under the care of a cancer center and that will never change. Timmy’s Mom had a stroke 10 years ago, this makes it impossible for her to work.  In June of 2010, their beloved [...]

Grateful for Lucky Penny!

Dear Frankie’s Friends, We are so grateful and appreciative of all of your help and support for our baby girl, Penny. She now has a complete, full range of motion again, is enjoying her life to the fullest and is no longer in pain. She is so happy to be back to her normal, happy, hyper self and is back to keeping us on our toes! We wouldn’t have been able to get Penny the surgery and help she needed without this financial assistance from Frankie’s Friends. It was just [...]

A Boy Named Sue…

Frankie’s Friends saved the life of my guinea pig, Sue. We originally had two female guinea pigs, Bonnie and Clyde (Clyde was originally thought to be a female). Clyde died from an unfortunate accident, and we decided that we needed to get a new companion for Bonnie. So we drove 30 miles or so to a little town called Frostproof and got Sue (then named Susie) from a disabled lady who could no longer take care of him. We were told that he was a girl, and we didn’t think to [...]

Eleanor is Greenlighted to Run and Play!

Thanks to you guys my Eleanor had a fighting chance to survive an intestinal blockage. My prayers go out to the surgeons at Blue Pearl who saved my dog right, and my eternal thanks to Frankie’s Friends for helping cover the costly surgery and giving me a chance to have my baby home for Christmas. Eleanor made a full recovery and is greenlighted to run and play!  Thank you so much!

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