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Your online donation to Frankie’s Friends will be used to assist animals whose families cannot afford the cost of veterinary care.

For a donation of $30 or more,  a page can be created in honor of a beloved pet. If you wish a page to be created, when you make your gift, please upload a photo of your pet and write a memorial statement for us to post.

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Callie, We Will Love and Miss You Always

When I was growing up we always had dogs and cats. Then along came Callie. She was my first pet to take care of all on my own. Found in a storm drain with a brother and sister cat. The Humane Society was going to destroy them because they were sick. The lady that found them took the home and treated them until they were well, then she gave them away. She gave Callie to my daughter who then gave her to me as a Christmas present. Callie was the [...]

Pluto, Loved By All

Pluto was a very sweet laid back cocker spaniel boy that loved every dog, cat and person he would meet. He especially loved his friend, Miss Riley. For 10 years they would walk and play together. Pluto was then saddened by Riley’s passing and soon after joined her once again. We love and miss you both always. Take care of each other.

Dearest Cooper, You Are My Heart

In Loving Memory of Dearest Cooper You are my heart. You are always with me on my heart side on the inside, protected. Thank you for all your love. We will see you sometime. Love Mom, Mavy, LG, Gabby and Cleo My darling Cooper battled lymphoma for over a year and gave us a wonderful year of memories and time. The hardest thing to do is say goodbye.

Jackson, You Will Always Be Loved

Jackson, You will always be loved.

Janus, Guardian of the Gates of Heaven

Janus was named for the mythological roman god of new beginnings, peace, and the guardian of the gates of heaven (her dad, a physician with a brilliant mind, never one to settle for a mainstream name for his sweet girl). Sadly, Janus recently developed lymphoma; however, through great difficulty, courage, and love, she was peacefully let go on 1/27/14. Hopefully this gift will help another animal in need receive well deserved love and care in Janus’ honor.  

Maxwell “JAK” of Hearts Phantom

Maxwell was born in June of 1999 and was brought home to live with the family in August of that same year. He originally lived with his cousins (J)oseph, (A)nthony & (K)ayla (this is where the name “JAK” came from) unitl September of 1999. That same month, Maxwell went to live with Connie, Tina and their pug Maxi. It was then he began using the name JAK not to confuse the family. His sister Maxi sadly passed away. Not wanting him to feel lonely, a new addtion was brought into [...]


In memory of Cooper. Love, The Britts and Gussie

ChuChu, a Loyal Friend

ChuChu was the loyal best friend and daughter of Madeline Garcia. She was a sweet, loving and adoring of her Mommy and family. We miss her so much!!! And have planted a garden in her memory.

Tyler, A Happy, Wonderful Friend

Dear Zeus Varis Fund, I am writing to thank you for granting me funds to pay for my cat, Tyler’s, treatment for his lymphoma. Sadly, he passed away soon after his second treatment at Blue Pearl. I think the steroid we had to give him to boost his waning energy and appetite was just too much for his heart. Tyler was an incredibly happy, funny and lovey friend to me and his sister, Sophie, these past eleven years. I have a lot of great memories of him along with many [...]


In memory of Sherman. The wonderful people at FVS (now BluePearl) saved his life and gave him a few more years with us.

Kegan Barkley

This donation is in Memory of Kegan Barkley. For any pet, anywhere: Use my gift where the need is greatest.

Sage, A Life Any Dog Would be Lucky to Live

In Memory of Sage: Although short, Sage lived a life any dog would be lucky to live.

Tina, My Beautiful Girl

My Tina, My Beautiful Girl and half of my heart. 1996-2010 — survived cancer for a joyous two and a half years.

Freddie – He Will be Missed Always

You couldn’t ask for a better, more loyal friend than Freddie. He will be missed always.

Junior, You Will Be Missed Very Much…

This donation is in memory of Junior. You will be missed very much but we know you are in doggie heaven chasing squirrels and watching from above. We hope Max and you are hanging out and taking care of each other. Ziv and Tali Liberman

Luke, a Sweet and Gentle Soul

Luke was a very sweet and gentle soul. He was happiest around his Mama and was beloved by everyone he met. He had a great life living in Manhattan and traveled to many great places including Mohonk, the Hamptons, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Park City, Utah and Wilmington, North Carolina. Meena Mansharamani

Harry, Very Much A Prince…

Harry’s formal name was Dutch Hollow Majestic Prince, and he was very much a prince. Handsome, smart, and a wonderful companion. He touched our lives in so many ways and we are blessed to have warm and loving memories of our Harry. He will never be replaced and we await the day we can see him at the Rainbow Bridge.

Bruiser, the Love of My Mom’s Life…

Bruiser, the love of my mom’s life. Such joy and companionship he brought to her. Always a big smile on his face, a little slober to go with it and lots of tail wagging and looking for treats to follow. Everyone in the neighborhood knew Bruiser, such a gentle giant, sweet with all other animals whether they were tiny kittens or big dog neigbors and little teacup yorkies Bruiser was always gentle and shared his bones. He gave with all his heart until the very end when Cancer took him, [...]

Max, Our Beloved Baby and Loyal Companion

This donation is in memory of Max, our beloved dog, our “baby”, our loving and loyal companion for more then 12 years. We love you so much and miss you everyday, every minute, we miss your wagging tail when you see us, welcoming us with a smile. You always wanted to be part of everything, as you were our fourth child. Everyone who knew you said you were the best so happy and loving. We hope you are in doggie heaven chasing rabbits and squirrels with lots of love around you. Ziv and I [...]

Audrey Kokin, a Special Person

Please accept my gift in memory of of Audrey Kokin, loving mother of Steven and his wife, Blu. Debra Kaye

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